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Our focus is to bring back American based manufacturing, and with it, the quality of product that the USA used to be renowned for. We are here to develop lasting products for the requirements and innovation of our customers and our research team.

We shall use intense scrutiny and precision giving our final products the best results possible. We want to make America great again by providing quality jobs that our employees will have the utmost respect and sense of accomplishment from. Our success while building customer trust and loyalty is paramount.


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Synergy Inc. Rapid prototyping and Manufacturing Services provided using the latest technologies and standards. From mass production lines to small specialty product lines we have the expertise to take your design dreams from idea to finished product. Our services can even include help with engineering and market research to help you sell your products.

We offer a variety of common materials including plastics, fiberglass, carbon fiber, including metals of Aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium, Inconel, and cobalt chrome. We will even strive to create manufacturing processes for new materials fresh out of the science labs.

Leading the charge for USA made quality products from any branch of development including crowd funded projects. Inquire today.


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Standard and advanced CNC machining services and design.

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Providing injection molding of plastics mold construction, fiberglass and carbon fiber laminates.

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Supporting rapid development, prototyping, and manufacture of Kickstarter and other crowd funding services and projects.